The Creator's Hands

A master potter keenly molds clay as it rotates at a phase that will define the shape and soul of its master's creation.

This was captured at dusk as it slowly fades the subject but generously reveals a drama that can only be unfolded by the struggle between perseverance and weariness.

The photo was taken by Mikhael Sanchez, a photographer, blogger, and banker who is based in Singapore.  


 Manunggol Jar

This is a replica Manuggol Jar made by Pasu ni Ingkong to retrospect the vivid and colorful culture of our ancestors in the field of pottery.

The Manunggul Jar is a secondary burial jar excavated from a Neolithic burial site in Manunggul cave of Tabon Caves at Lipuun Point in Palawan dating from 890–710 B.C.

This replica would be a fine piece in your collectible items that can be displayed anywhere giving the area a brief historical background.

Photo by Mikhael Sanchez



The craftmanship of a potter

Witness our talented potter in Pampanga transforms clay into a work of art.

Fountains & Mini Falls

The relaxing sound of cascading water soothes your body and mind.