My grandfather started working in the pottery business in Pampanga 60 years ago and laterput up his own factory which up to this day is still the source of livelihood for the family. All of our products are artistically made by our talented potters which happens to be also our relatives. The close family ties makes the business stable and successful.

Our line of products are jars, fountains, garden pots, lamps, and other home decorations. Some of our customers trust us to make the products based on their own designs and preferences. And we are very willing to serve and make our customers happy.

As his Grandson I would like to share my Grandfather’s wonderful craftsmanship here in Manila. The store we put up in Tiendesitas has the Kapangpangan name “Pasu Ni Ingkong” which translates to Grandfather’s pots. We also have the objective to promote Philippine made products which are one of bests in the world. I hope to see you in our shop and we will help you make your home a beautiful place to live in.

See you!